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What Services can a Notary Public provide for me?

A Notary Public can provide a wide array of legal services to its client, whether assisting in real estate transactions or preparing legal documentation. Such services include creating a Power of Attorney and overseeing the drafting and signing of legal documentation such as contracts, statutory declarations, wills, estate planning, letters of invitation, affidavits, travel consent letters, and Personal Health Planning. This said, as qualified professionals, notaries aid in providing certified true copies of original documentation, including work permits, study permits, birth certificates, etc.

Furthermore, a Notary can provide an individual with Independent Legal Advice to ensure that they understand a document’s purpose, details, and possible consequences. The advice can range from areas of real estate, contracts (eg. leases), and personal planning (eg. wills). All services are administered to ensure validity and accuracy that reflects the legal standards and procedures of BC.

What Services Can A Notary Public Provide For Me