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Real Estate Transactions

Real estate purchase and Sale

Purchasing a property is one of the most important decisions we make. It can be a stressful yet exciting process. Whether, you are purchasing your first family home, an investment property, recreational home, our upgrading to your dream home; We at Sekhon Notary Public provide customised tailored legal services to our clients.

We ensure, the process is smooth, and stress free from the time you sign your contract of purchase and sale, till the completion date.

We at Sekhon Notary Public strive to keep up to date on Real estate market trends, Real estate law , and requirements for major Credit unions, banks, private lenders  to ensure there are no surprises during your real estate transaction.

We want this to be a stress-free process for you; to begin we will get the necessary information such as your realtors and mortgage broker’s contact information and copy of your contract. We will directly communicate with your team, so you do not have to convey information between the parties.

Real Estate Transactions
Family Transfer

Family Transfer

You may be wanting to remove a family member or a friend off the title and purchase their interest. We can help you through the process and draft the contract as per your agreed upon terms and conditions.

Mortgage refinancing

You may be wanting to refinance your mortgage, to change lenders to get a favourable interest rate; to  tap into the build up equity of your home to have funds for home renovations or your next investment property.

Whatever your reason is at Sekhon Notary we can help you through the process. We strive to make the process quick, easy and efficient for you.

Mortgage Refinancing
Business Asset Purchase And Sale

Business asset purchase and sale

Are you looking at purchasing a Business? We at Sekhon notary Public, can help you navigate the process and make sure you can focus on what is more important to you, running your business.

If you are considering purchase of a new business and are wanting to understand the process, contact us for a consultation.